I use a collaborative holistic approach to treatment that is tailored to your needs. As a partner, I will guide and support you through your healing journey. You are the expert on you and will be treated as a whole and competent person. This includes your MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.

We may explore how your past is impacting your current behavior providing clarity on how to get unstuck. At times, I may assign tasks or between therapy activities to help create change by bridging what is learned in therapy into your day-to-day life.


Our sessions may include, cognitive behavioral therapy or other evidence-based types of therapy based on your unique needs and preferences. I can help you to learn new coping skills and identify and change negative thinking patterns that will lead to lasting changes.

I will support you through life transitions so that you can identify your strengths, learn new ways to overcome your challenges and move forward with renewed hope.


We may incorporate the practice of self- compassion and mindfulness. Neuroscience research reveals individuals that practice these techniques are happier and more resilient. Mindfulness helps strengthen the mind body connection allowing you to focus on what is happening right now so that life doesn’t pass you by. It teaches you how to listen to your body and connect more deeply to yourself and others.

Self-Compassion helps you listen to your body so that you can provide it what it needs like rest, nutrition, or exercise. It helps you challenge the inner critic that keeps you in the endless worry loop that is wearing you down.

We may also identify any dietary and lifestyle changes that can be made to optimize physical health and enhance mental health and wellbeing.


Everyone has their own view of spirituality/religion. Studies show that spirituality/religion has been found to have a positive effect on positive coping and can help you find purpose and meaning. It can also provide comfort and hope in times of suffering or loss.

It’s what makes you shine and feel alive.  Spiritual practices may include meditation, prayer, mindfulness, enjoying nature, creativity or helping others.

ALL OF YOU is welcome in our therapy sessions, this includes your spiritual wellbeing. I provide a safe place for you to talk about God, spirituality/ religious beliefs or (lack thereof) without judgment.


The mind and body and spirit are interconnected. When you have a healthy mind, body and spirit you can truly shine and be the best version of You!


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Jennifer Sierra, LMHC