Jennifer Sierra, LMHC


I am a Licensed Mental Health Therapist with over twenty years of experience. My approach to workshops creates a calm inviting energy and holistic perspective that infuses each session with warmth and depth. Each workshop is designed not only to deepen self-understanding and foster self-compassion but also to cultivate a supportive community. Key takeaways are a toolkit for life-including emotional resilience skills and practical strategies for managing modern day stress and anxiety.





Empowering Women: Boundaries Workshop

An Introductory Personal Boundaries Workshop designed to enlighten and empower women on the journey to understanding, communicating, and enforcing personal boundaries. This workshop is for women who want to know where and how to draw the line with confidence.

This is more than learning—it’s about making room in your life for the things that truly matter, conserving your precious energy, and creating work-life balance. Attendees will gain 3 key steps for setting healthy boundaries and strategies to overcome common obstacles.


Mind & Heart: Wellness Workshop:

 Workshops focus on developing skills that nurture and protect your mental and emotional well-being and reduce stress. Customized topics may include Natural Stress Relief | Communication Skills | Managing anxiety | Emotional Intelligence/regulation | Creating self-compassion

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Holistic Mental Health workshops create a space where mental and emotional health take center stage—a place where walking alongside others reminds us that we are not alone, reinforcing that hope and health flourish within a supportive community. Our approach blends psychoeducation, supportive sharing, and practical strategies, focusing on prevention to nurture and protect mental and emotional well-being.




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SPA Invitational: Mini Boundaries Workshop

“A resounding Success! Jennifer’s ‘Mini Boundaries Workshop’ at the SPA Invitational brought forth newfound awareness and empowerment to our attendees, proving to be an enlightening experience that resonated with many.”- Sherry Magee,  Spa Invitational Founder & Tournament Director.



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Please note: These workshops are intended for educational purposes only and do not replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.