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Anxiety Therapy Orlando: Setting Healthy Boundaries: A Key to Reducing Anxiety and Stress

February 28 • Written by: Jennifer Sierra, LMHC You’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. The demands of work, relationships, and personal obligations seem never-ending. Your phone pings with notifications, your calendar is packed, and you can’t find a moment of peace. You realize that part of the reason you feel this way is because you…

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Balancing Priorities and Self-Care: 8 Tips for a Smooth Back-To-School Year Transition!

August 7  • Written by Jennifer Sierra, LMHC As the summer days begin to wane and the leaves start to change color, a new chapter awaits on the horizon – the beginning of a new school year. The excitement of fresh beginnings, reuniting with friends, and embarking on new adventures can be invigorating. However, it’s…

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Mindfulness: Become Happier, Less Stressed, and Improve Your Mental Well-being

July 11 • Written By Jennifer Sierra, LMHC What is Mindfulness? There are many different definitions of mindfulness, depending on who you ask. It is as simple as bringing a compassionate awareness to the present moment. It is about noticing your sensations, thoughts, and emotions from a place of curiosity, not judgment. Mindfulness acts as…

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