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Anxiety Therapy Orlando: Unmasking Anxiety: Exploring the Root Causes | HMH Counseling

March 4 • Written by: Jennifer Sierra, LMHC In today’s fast-paced world, rising anxiety levels have become a common issue for many. Whether it’s the temporary rush of nerves before a presentation or the ongoing stress from major life choices, anxiety affects us all in various ways.  But digging into what causes our anxiety can…

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Mindfulness: Become Happier, Less Stressed, and Improve Your Mental Well-being

July 11 • Written By Jennifer Sierra, LMHC What is Mindfulness? There are many different definitions of mindfulness, depending on who you ask. It is as simple as bringing a compassionate awareness to the present moment. It is about noticing your sensations, thoughts, and emotions from a place of curiosity, not judgment. Mindfulness acts as…

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6 Tips for Managing Negative Thinking

July 5 • Written By Jennifer Sierra, LMHC   At times, we all find ourselves caught in the grip of negative thoughts. During moments of heightened stress and anxiety, these thoughts can feel overpowering and difficult to shake off. They can impact our relationships, emotions, and even out physical health. While it’s impossible to eliminate…

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