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7 Holiday Self-Care Tips For a Stress-Free Season

November 26 • Written by Jennifer Sierra, LMHC The holiday season can be both joyous and overwhelming. It’s important to prioritize your mental and emotional well-being while also enjoying the celebrations and gatherings. At Holistic Mental Health Counseling, we understand the significance of self-care, especially during this hectic time of year. In this blog post,…

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What Is Self-Love and Why Does Your Mental Health Depend on It?

June 8 • Written by Jennifer Sierra, LMHC What Is Self-Love?  Self-love is an essential component of maintaining good mental health. It involves nurturing your well-being and personal growth, regardless of circumstances. Self-love encompasses self-acceptance, self-awareness, and caring for your mind, body, and spirit. What Is the First Step? The first step towards cultivating self-love…

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6 Tips for Managing Negative Thinking

July 5 • Written By Jennifer Sierra, LMHC   At times, we all find ourselves caught in the grip of negative thoughts. During moments of heightened stress and anxiety, these thoughts can feel overpowering and difficult to shake off. They can impact our relationships, emotions, and even out physical health. While it’s impossible to eliminate…

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3 Ways Creating Poetry Can Help You Manage Difficult Emotions and Improve Mental Health

Creating Something Meaningful Can Motivate You to Journal About Your Emotional Conflict Writing about your feelings and challenging life experiences is a healthy coping mechanism.  A 2018 study shows that journaling is associated with less depressive symptoms and anxiety after 1 month and greater resilience after the first and second month. Studies also show that…

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