About Integrative Medicine and Mental Health

Recognizing YOU, not your diagnosis or symptoms, as the center of your treatment.

An integrative/holistic approach is healing oriented, considers the whole person, mind, body and spirit, and includes all aspects of lifestyle. Anxiety and depression can have many root causes- physical, emotional, and or environmental.  Which is why I take a holistic individualized approach to developing your treatment plan that looks at everything such as your sleeping habits, lifestyle and what your body and mind are experiencing. An individualized approach also may include nutritional, dietary and exercise interventions along with mental health treatment. It incorporates whole body changes into treatment based on your unique needs.


Who is integrative medicine for?

Many people can benefit from integrative medicine, including healthy people. It can also be helpful for those that have not had improvement with traditional mental health interventions alone.  By combining evidence-based conventional mental health treatment along with proven alternative and natural therapies I can help you achieve your overall wellness- not merely address your immediate symptoms.


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